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Palm Oil - more

Palm oil and palm kernel oil can be refined and fractionated into, amongst others, olein, stearin and palm midfractions for different applications.

The applications of palm oil are far ranging. In the food sector the principal uses are in cooking oils and frying fats, margarine and spreads, shortenings, confectionery and bakery fats, ice cream and coffee creamers.
In the non-food sector it is used in soap, shampoo and detergents, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, energy generation, biodiesel and lubricants.

If the target is to feed the growing world population and to optimize the use of the shrinking availability of arable land then it makes good sense to look at palm oil as an effective source of supply. The competitiveness of palm oil ensures that it will remain a crucial source of sustainable and renewable raw material for food, oleochemicals and biofuel industries of the future.