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Flowers & Greens

  • Pineapple flowers, greens and lotus.

    The pineapple flower belongs to the Bromeliad family, this genus originated in Mesoamerica and was brought to the Caribbean islands by the Carib natives.

  • The tough leaves grow in large rosettes, arising basally from a crown. These leaves are long with a thorny edge. The flowers, arising from the heart of the rosette are red. A usual growth cycle is almost two year, but in certain good production areas and after FIT - flowering induction treatment - harvest can already be done after 15 months.

  • Several pineapple flower cultivars are known, “Lucidus”, “Bracteatus”, “Ananassoides”, “Porteanus”, but the most popular is the “Striatus”.

    Dracaena Compacta and other Cordylines species belong to the Agavaceae family. These ornamental plants grow in moist tropical conditions in Africa and Asia. Some species are very popular as houseplants. They are well-known for their beautiful purple leaves with various hues. In general, the leaves occur as rosettes at the end of a high woody stem which make them look like palm trees.

    The Lotus flower with large, showy flowers resembling water lilies, is an aquatic plant that belongs to the Nelumbonaceae family. Native to Asia, it is commonly used in Chinese medicine and cooking. The Lotus is the national flower of Egypt, India and Vietnam.

  • This plant is generally considered a parasite in aquatic environments as it disturbs the clearness of the water and thus highly reduces the fish population. The multiplication and the propagation of this plant is done by birds which live in the watery areas and like eating the immature lotus pips. The lotus flower develops into a green calyx on top of a stem which can grow up to 2 meters depending on the size of the water area.